Stakeholder Communication

Mary Robinson
To make progress we have to build a multi-stakeholder process, harnessing the appropriate energies.

Our cross-sector knowledge and expertise will enable you to form the connections that matter.

Facilitating and encouraging the proper engagement of audiences is our business. Whether your key demographic is internal or external, large, or small, active, or apathetic, we use our professionalism and refined knowhow to prioritise your audience and form a deep connection with them in a meaningful and impactful way.

This is the area in which we surpass the rest and our history of successes speaks for itself.

We have an incomparable track record of captivating and drawing on consultations with key audiences. This includes those both in the planning sector or further afield with more expansive far-reaching campaigns. We have also aided numerous major organisations successfully convey and deliver complex, difficult internal changes to their extensive workforces. In addition, we have provided our proficiency for both private and public sector organisations on nationwide stakeholder consultation initiatives.

We use our expert knowledge, tactical methodologies, and proactive attitude to ensure that we produce exceptionally valuable and effectual stakeholder communications programmes that DO make a difference.

The services we offer include:

  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Perceptions audit
  • Messaging
  • Internal communications
  • Community engagement
  • Event management
  • Media relations