Crisis and Reputation

Stop a Crisis before it starts

Whether a crisis is unpredicted and unexpected or foreseeable but unavoidable, it can be catastrophic for the reputation of a company or brand.

Entrusting the management of your predicament to the experts at Azara Media will result in immeasurable benefits to you and your set of circumstances.


By taking entire control and management of your crisis we are able to take the pressure from you and ensure that the situation is dealt with professionally, promptly and in its entirety.


Controlling a crisis means being able to deliver a prompt and exact response or solution in a time-critical fashion. We will actively regulate and govern a crisis, devise a suitable solution and act appropriately.


Through our expertise and judicious approach we can mitigate a reputation, image and status and abate calamitous damage.

Contingency Planning

Obstinate and recurring issues also have the potential to evolve into a crisis. At Azara Media we understand your focus is on running the core of your business and this does not always allow time for media monitoring.

Preparation truly is the key to success and this is why we have implemented crisis survival procedures and techniques to bolster our client’s reputations and ability to handle any situation.

Expert contingency methods and incident planning, in advance of any pending problem, is the ideal way in which to get the jump start on a solution.

Responding Quickly

Rapid and immediate action to an unprecedented crisis is key – but if not dealt with properly, a hasty response can result in poor execution and oversight.

You may find that you are increasingly in need of more frequent contingency measures due to the boom in staff using corporate social media accounts to deliver content. Unwitting or hasty messages on channels such as LinkedIn and Facebook can sully the waters of a company message or be misconstrued.

Our signature ‘command hierarchy structure’ is used to respond to any crisis to ensure that all actions are set into motion promptly and in their entirety, that all employees execute their relevant undertakings accurately and that a measured response and resolution is put in place.

This includes providing our clients with specially devised social media guidance that sets out peripheries of what is acceptable and how to achieve restitution in the event of a staffing error.

Reputation Management

Regardless of the size or value of any company or corporation – reputation is everything. A reputable status can take many years to create but can be lost through one simple action.

Our specialist Reputation Management Department utilise their unique skillsets to safeguard reputations, moderate potential problems and structure public opinion.

Our Reputation Management team are pre-emptive in their methods of control and seek to monitor online repute on a frequent and systematic basis, not solely when an issue or problem arises. Unfavourable, negative and undesirable online matter can influence judgement, reliability, confidence and long-term success; with the blueprint of any online comments or opinions surrounding a person or organisation being available easily through any search engine.

On occasion reputation defamation, slander or libel can be as a result of unscrupulous competition or online trolling. If you find yourself or your company has been marred by a set of circumstances then our team work towards a level of full reputation restoration, including defamation control, censorship and the application of legal ‘Rights To Vanish’ or ‘Rights To Be Forgotten’ in line with the European Human Rights Act.

Positive Content

First impressions count – and our Reputation Management Team strive to ensure that your reputation is headed by positive results. This means that when your name or company name is searched online, at the forefront of the results are your accolades and achievements.

If you find your online reputation discriminatorily flawed by poor reviews, outdated information or unfair remarks, then Azara Media will use our preceding legal victories and expertise to form an application to have any/all online data purged under the European Court Of Justice ‘Right To Be Forgotten Act’.

Successful reputation management is a skilled balancing act. Hesitation can exacerbate problems whilst hasty and unplanned responses can inflame an already volatile situation. Using our expertise and judicious appraisal of any negative online content; we can dissipate, lessen and reduce the appearance of undesirable and harmful material and bring to the fore those stories that you want to tell.

Are you interested?

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